Sosua Bay Resort

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Este encantador resort está localizado em Sosua. Este estabelecimento dispõe de um total de 144 unidades de alojamento. A receção 24 horas por dia não está disponível. O Sosua Bay Resort não dispõe berços quando solicitados. Não são permitidos animais de estimação neste estabelecimento. Graças aos s...

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Saída até: 11:00

Este encantador resort está localizado em Sosua. Este estabelecimento dispõe de um total de 144 unidades de alojamento. A receção 24 horas por dia não está disponível. O Sosua Bay Resort não dispõe berços quando solicitados. Não são permitidos animais de estimação neste estabelecimento. Graças aos seus serviços de saúde e bem-estar, este imóvel é ideal para uma pausa relaxante do stress e tensões da vida quotidiana.#.

Dr.Alejo Martinez 1, Sosúa 57000, Dominican Republic - SOSUA, Puerto Plata - República Dominicana - 57000

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Bom hotel, preço baixo, boas instalações, refeições e bebidas inclusas

Avaliou em 18 de agosto de 2013

Bom hotel, ótimos quartos, além das refeições convencionais no restaurante, todos os dias tínhamos outras opções de jantar, como cômoda mexicana ou italiana, e toda tarde tínhamos lanche . Além das bebidas, sistema all incluse. Preço barato pelo o que oferece. Um ponto negativo é a prostituição ao redor do hotel. A praia do hotel e as próximo ao hotel são lindas, vale muito a pena conhecer.

Fernanda M

Terrible experience, and only day one

Avaliou em 3 de julho de 2019

I have been here in the past by myself (6 months ago actually) but this time I decided to bring my family only to show them a different part of the island believing that it would be a good experience, but so far it has been the worst decision. I made reservations for a king and 1 double bed, but the hotel does not have a king bed option. So I'm not sure why Travelocity even has that option on their website (and curious to see what other websites do as well). I couldn't do anything about that reservation because at 5pm on a Wednesday, there was no supervisor and none available until the following morning after 10am. Very little information given by front desk agent unpon check in as well. Only the usual initials and sign of papers, the keys given to the bellman to take my luggages to the room. He forgot to mention, the hours of operation of the restaurant, (came back later to ask), and the towel cards you exchange for the towels for pool usage (went back to ask as well), to me is just basic info that should be given at any hotel. I'm sure I will be going back to ask other things during the 2 nights I reserved. Oh yes and no wifi in the rooms as well. All inclusive; the most limited I've see in any hotel that offers "all inclusive" .(Dinner is from 7pm to 1030pm): A dinner menu, with 3 entrees, which they had none at 8pm when we went to eat, 3 main course options, and a dessert (cake) which is no longer included (picture of the dinner menu is attached) . The main course plate was so small, I had to pay extra to get a plate of nachos for my 13 year old kids because they were still hungry. Thus far, I have no other words to describe what I'm feeling about my stay here so I will only hope it doesn't get any worse. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone who is trying to relax, enjoy some good food, entertainment and drinks (which is limited to beer, a few no brand name liquor, and none natural juice for the kids, and piña colada).


You get what you pay for

Avaliou em 15 de janeiro de 2019

We wanted the least expensive trip to somewhere warm, so we booked a JetBlue package. After we arrived, I went back to the JetBlue website to review the offer, but it seems that JetBlue no longer offers this hotel with its DR vacation packages! I had read the reviews and thought ‘how could it be that bad?’ It was as bad, maybe worse than the other reviews. The one word to describe the hotel? Shabby. On our first day we arrived before the posted check-in time of 3 PM. We asked if we could check in early and were told that we had to wait. A little before 3 PM, we asked if we could check in and were told to continue waiting. Immediately after sitting back down to wait, two other groups of vacationers arrived and were checked into the hotel. We weren’t checked in until almost 3:30 (and we were there first!) We were shown to our room and for the first time ever I was happy that someone helped us with our bags as there was no elevator in the hotel section and our room was on the 3rd floor. (on the positive side, I got a lot of exercise over the next week). There is one elevator, but it only goes from the lobby to the pool, not to the hotel rooms, which were in separate buildings. The room was clean but the towels in the bathroom were so threadbare I could hardly believe that they were still in use. There was no bathmat or hand towels, just the two sad bath towels. We had an issue with our toilet on Day 1 and reported it to the Front Desk personnel at 10 AM. As we could not use our own bathroom, we used the bathrooms in the lobby and by the pool. We asked several times for service, and did not get assistance until 5:30 PM! The room cleaning service was spotty. The first day after our arrival our room was not cleaned until 5:15 PM. For some odd reason they changed the sheets every day (what a waste of time and resources!), and one of the room staff short-sheeted our bed! We had a king size bed, but the bottom sheet only covered 2/3 of the mattress! We had to use our bath towels to make up the shortfall. (Please see the photo). The light switch in the bathroom was adjacent to the shower – a definite safety hazard! The light switch was also THE filthiest light switch I have ever seen in a hotel. (Please see the photos). The bathroom vent was absolutely filthy and was a health hazard. (Please see the photos). The smoke detector in our room had no batteries (unless smoke detectors in the DR don’t flash a light every minute like all other smoke detectors in the world). There were four photos on the walls of our room, two of which were the same photo (very odd). One of the wooden chairs on the balcony was broken, so we had to be careful using the balcony. The only stairways with handrails were those that led up to the rooms. All other stairs had none, and I saw more than one person slip and fall on the stairs. The stairs to the hotel rooms were made of tile and were DANGEROUSLY chipped. We were amazed that the hotel did not repair them, as they were an accident waiting to happen. (see photos) The hotel website says the hotel is all-inclusive, with two restaurants and two bars (one swim-up). One of the restaurants was for the non-inclusive guests, therefore there really was only one restaurant serving everyone. The quality of food served was borderline appalling. The day we arrived we went to the restaurant for a burger and fries, which were absolutely revolting. The meat tasted like nothing I have ever tasted before and was inedible. Breakfasts were very good, as they have a chef on staff to make omelets to order. He was fantastic and kept us well fed with good food. Lunch and dinner were hit or miss, and NONE of the food was labeled, so if you were not a Dominican, you would have no idea what it was. The chef at dinner would make different cuts of meat or fish to order, which was quite nice. The hotel ran out of wine halfway into our vacation, so we had to settle for beer with dinner. The next day they ran out of scotch, the following day they ran out of brandy. Very poor supplies planning for an all-inclusive hotel. You could NOT get a drink at the swim up bar. The swim up bar was a joke, as it was attached to the pool bar that was sometimes not serviced at all. More than once I had to go to the front desk or restaurant to find someone to make a drink or pour a beer. The hotel advertised a game room for kids, a gym, and tennis courts. The game room was a moldy disaster of wrecked games (see photos). The gym was closed and stacked high with deck chairs. The tennis courts were non-existent. The ground maintenance was spotty… the pools were well maintained, but whoever was responsible for trash collection was only doing the minimum required. Cups, straws, and trash littered the pool areas and blew around in the wind. One disgusting parent changed their child’s diaper and placed it in an ashtray poolside rather than in a trash bin. That diaper remained in the ashtray for TWO FULL DAYS. We were morosely joking about how long it would stay there. The Wi-Fi was poor. For lobby access, they would not give you the access code – you had to hand the Front Desk personnel your phone and they would enter the code. For the room Wi-Fi access, they gave you a little piece of paper with an access code that could only be used for one device, so if you had more than one device like I did, I had multiple pieces of paper. The Wi-Fi was spotty for the first two days, then it was working perfectly for one day. Then the Wi-Fi network was completely down and there was ZERO access outside of the lobby or restaurant. If you were in the lobby or the restaurant, Wi-Fi worked well, but outside of that area, it was more down than up. For half of our vacation there was NO Wi-Fi in the rooms. I asked about it at the Front Desk and I was told they would look into it. Later that day we asked the manager when the Wi-Fi network would be back up and he claimed to know nothing of the issue. He called the front desk and once again we were told that they would take care of it. Two more days go by and we can still only get internet access in the lobby. When I asked again about internet access, I spoke to the SAME Front Desk person I had reported the issue to originally, and she acted as if no one had ever told her about the problem before. She tried to give me another little piece of paper with an access code, but I told her, once again, that a code will not work if there is no Wi-Fi network available. Restaurant staff were very friendly and helpful, clearly the best employees at the hotel. The Front Desk staff were nice, if not always effective. I don’t know if it is a lack of training, or if the Front Desk staff is told to ‘yes’ people to death and then not deliver, but it is somewhat insulting to have someone repeatedly blow off your requests.


A great resort - and a lot more ...

Avaliou em 2 de maio de 2018

I had the opportunity to stay in this great resort hotel a few times over the years and can highly recommend it for its ideal location, great quality of accommodation and outstanding food in it's divers restaurants.


Don't even think about going to this hotel

Avaliou em 12 de março de 2018

I decided to book a trip to feel the hot sun and finally get out of the cold, well what a mistake that was. Negatives about the hotel No hot water Dirty uncomfortable beds and pillows Toilets dont fill up with water AC not working Live electrical wires on the ground near the pool Drink food service horrible Same food items served at every meal Construction going on all the time unable to sleep Power washer running at the pool while trying to relax TV small almost no channels Half hotel sectioned off not in use Hotel rear door would not lock Hotel would not give refund or fix any of the issues I had to leave early without a refund becasue I couldn't take it anymore Hotel has a beautiful view only positive thing

Ryan M