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Localização Do Estabelecimento Ao alojar-se Hotel Sirines em Thasos, ficará perto da praia, a 5 minutos a pé de Praia de Potos e de San Antonio Beach. Este aparthotel está a 11,2 km (6,9 mi) de Giola e a 28,2 km (17,5 mi) de Praia Paradise. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetr...

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<h3>Localização Do Estabelecimento</h3> Ao alojar-se Hotel Sirines em Thasos, ficará perto da praia, a 5 minutos a pé de Praia de Potos e de San Antonio Beach. Este aparthotel está a 11,2 km (6,9 mi) de Giola e a 28,2 km (17,5 mi) de Praia Paradise. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. <br> - Praia de Potos - 0,4 km/0,2 mi<br> - San Antonio Beach - 0,4 km/0,2 mi<br> - Praia de Pefkari - 0,9 km/0,6 mi<br> - Praia de Metalia - 3 km/1,9 mi<br> - Rosonkremós - 3,1 km/2 mi<br> - South Beach - 3,2 km/2 mi<br> - Limenária - 3,8 km/2,4 mi<br> - Agía Ánna - 4,1 km/...

Unnamed Road,, Potos 640 02, Greece - Thassos Island, East Macedonia and Thrace - Grécia - 64002

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Nothing very fancy but good enough for a good holiday

Avaliou em 6 de setembro de 2017

Rooms are pretty large, clean and serviced daily. The only downside was the hot water pressure. We had breakfast - Greek traditional - tasty without being too pretentious. Location is close to the city centre with handy access to restaurants, shops and beach.


Beautiful memories from Sirines hotel - June 2014

Avaliou em 23 de maio de 2017

We stayed in this hotel during our visit in June 2014. Rooms are spacious. We had no problems navigating the room with 2 small kids around. At the time, our 2nd born was small and the cradle was provided for us at no cost. This was very strange for us – to have all the features in the room functioning properly. So I decided to search for SOMETHING not working. To be honest, the only thing that was faulty was the switch on the shower head – it was not possible to change the mode. That was all. All other things were operating properly – mosquito net on the balcony door, all the chairs were good... As for the restaurant, there was buffet breakfast with various things to select. I do not think I was hungry ever, nor it was not possible to create new combination to avoid breakfast being dull and the same. For lunch, only one course was provided, but all the things served were home-made cooking, and it was some of the most delicious food I ate. The reason for one course only is most probably due to the fact the hotel is rather small, and there was no need for preparing huge quantities of food. We had no objections whatsoever. WiFi was kinda malfunctioning and dropping connection on the rooms located on the floors, but later during our stay, hotel manager called for the TelCom people to fix it. The parking space could be found outside the hotel. The town itself is very tiny, and is attracting huge quantities of tourists during the season. Therefore, sometimes we had issues finding parking space in the front of the hotel, but no big deal. The hotel is situated very close to the center of the town, but far enough to have some quiet moments during the night. There is the pool in the hotel, provided for the hotel guests only, but we had never used it, as we were on the beach for the most part of the day. As the final touch, the staff was friendly and we had no problems with the service. Our small kids were a bit of a nuisance, but people working in the hotel were patient and paid attention to the kids located in the hotel.


Very good hotel

Avaliou em 8 de fevereiro de 2017

I could recommend this hotel to everybody. We were there on June, 2012. - the big rooms, about 25m2, furniture is nothing special - rooms were clean - the staff were friendly - the breakfast was really great - there was no choice for dinner, only one tasteful meal, but it was problem for children


Sirines- Potos Thassos- Familly hotel with good position

Avaliou em 22 de setembro de 2016

As done back to 2009, this year we have decided that Thassos, Potos, Hotel Sirines should be again our first choice summer holiday destinaton again. We (2Adl+2Chd) have spent beautiful summer holiday in Greece done for last X years :). To make possible visitors holiday at above mentioned object easier, here some of our remarks. Booking procedere: Absolutely smooth. Communication per email, some minor discussion about the conditions, 30% payment in advance as deposit and that was it! Well done Mrs. Fotini! Position: Maybe it could sound funny, but regarding the trade-off: position of the place vs. position of nicest beaches, I could recommend Potos, without to go further with explanation, as really first choice place to be settled on Thassos. Practically, if your main idea is not to be focused just on one place i.e one beach during the whole holiday, position of Hotel Sirines could be evaluated even as a rather optimal one. You don't need to go far away to the Potos center and you are almost on the main road leading towards Limenaria and Limenass (east road direction). Off course all above mentioned concerns the families having a car during the holiday. My proposal: pack your family after breakfast, start the engine and kick-it! Thassos offers plenty of "musts": see, swimm, eat, try...... must whatever! And after finsihing daily program and dinner, evening walking relax tour to Potos center is just 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Only small remark is absence of private parking and especially during the weekend it could be rather demanding to find appropriate parking place near to Sirines. But as everything in Grece, there is no need to be under any kind of could park it anywhere you like.....even on the main road without a problem!? Room facility: We have booked studio (ca. 35 sqm) with: safe, air condition, small kitchen, fridge, TV, balcony, pool view, free WiFi. The towels and linen have been changed every three days and we are absolutely satisfied with the efforts of cleanning stuff. Well done cleaning team! You have improved your cleaning service in comparison with 2009.....even at that time you have been perfect. Bathroom is maybe not the last state-of-the-art what modern arhitecture concerns, but still clean and big enough. Room Tip: Romms with a swimming pool view are much more comfortable as street view ones i.e. there are no street traffic noise. Service team: As already mentioned, cleaning team absolutely perfect. Reception desk (practically pool desk i.e. Stella&Team) guests and especially kids friendly. And off course: greatest respect to Hotel Sirines Team! They have found lost watch of my wife (birthday present....could you imagine!?) and gave it us back. Therefore Efharistó polí!!! Service: Well, how to explain it....Last time (2009) we had only breakfast but somehow we have decided this year to take half board...and we made mistake! Breakfast was not uniform and absolutelly OK. It was usaually based on eggs, sausages, ham, cheese, pancakes, fresh wegetables, olives but traditional Greek bakery products, feta cheese, cream joghurt with honney hmmmmmm, sweet cakes, coffea, tea etc. Not to sound preportent, but in accordance with our 15 years of experience having a holiday in Greece, I do strongly belive that Sirines Hotel with breakfast option absolutely deserves a strong recommendation for Thassos accommodation! Unfortunatelly, all upper mentioned positive impresions about the Sirines Hotel must be evaluated together with ti explain it....absolutely not satisfied dinner option. Off course, beside the dinner concept I don't want to mention anything else but this topic.....and belive me I do have material to do oposite (kids portion was literally 1/2 off adult ones!?). Adult portions have been rather poor i.e. small main dish with few potatoes, vegetables. However, even if we put this aside I must go back to main problem. Dear friends from Sirines, as told you on last day, you could not offer the Greek cousine for dinner having traditional Greeck food maximum 3 x during 11 days!?!?!?!!? Not to mention absence of "real" see fish, as practically the most targeting dinner dish in Greece. Some meet balls, hamburger or similar like (4 x for 11 days), spaghetii, chicken steaks, improvisation of pastitsio are having nothing to do Greek cousine, with kleftiko, souflaki, girros etc.. Based on upper pointed, unfortunatelly I really could not recomend you HB service as appropriate option for holiday at your facilty. Breakfast absolutelly!!!! But half board no way! And finally my dear Sirines team: Please do not take this personally, because you know we love you very much and I am sure we would meet us again.....Just try to improve your dinner offer and everything would be perfect :). Kind regards Martin


Needs better service

Avaliou em 29 de julho de 2016

The hotel is located on the main street in Potos, close to the walking area. It is 5 minutes from the beach. Hotel location is excellent in terms of proximity of the main events in the Potos. The rooms are large and comfortable, with large balcony. Bed linen is changed every three days and the room is generally clean. However, rooms faced toward street can be noisy in the night and there a lot of dust from the road. We had B&B accommodation; the buffet breakfast had enough decent food, but it was terribly monotone. Each day eggs, sausages, a pie, cheese, salami and tomato. During our stay, we found several issues because of which we will not visit this hotel again. We had a room equipped with the kitchen (small stove, cooker hood, plates, cutlery...) but no pots. It is unclear to me why somebody is providing stove when there are no pots at all. We needed it because we came with small child, just for heating milk and similar, not really for cooking. We complained and it was explained to us that it is expected that we bring our own pots! After intervention in the travel agency, they provided us with one pot. Also, the cutlery is incomplete, we had three forks, no spoons and no knifes. The pool exists, however, its usage is NOT included in the price of the hotel. It is required to buy a drink or coffee at the pool bar if you want to use the pool. I would expect that all hotel facilities are included in the price if not stated differently, so this is definitely a misguidance and a hidden cost. Also, they have strange rules for using the pool (it is not too deep, I think the deepest point is 1.8m). The children under 18 (18 as said by hotel personnel - 14 as written on some table) can not use pool alone and the parent must be present IN the pool also (not by the pool). My older kid is 12 and she is swimming alone in the sea or any other public pool. I have never seen restriction like this one on any public pool. Imagine children of 17, 2m high and a parent keeping an eye on him. So, forget about drinking coffee on the room balcony in the afternoon while children are in the pool. It is pointless to use Sirines pool at all, as you have a large resort 5 minutes walk from the hotel with much more pools and other facilities. As a visitor from the other hotel, you just need to buy a drink and use anything they provide; even more, they will not bother you to buy drink immediately like in Sirines. Of course, for their guests everything is free. And yes, they don't have stupid rules for the children. In general, there are not many personnel in the hotel, so you can hardly find anyone if you need them. Even when we were leaving, we had to search for somebody to pay. The hotel price is above average in Potos, so I would expect to have better service and for sure not any hidden cost. Hotel has potential for good customer experience, but management should make some small changes in approach towards guests that would for sure highly improve customer satisfaction.