Toyoko Inn Tokyo Uguisudani Ekimae

Com ótima localização em Tóquio, Toyoko Inn Tokyo Uguisudani Ekimae fica a 3,6 km de Tokyo Sky Tree e a 4,7 km de Tokyo Dome. Este hotel fica a 6,7 km de Nippon Budokan e a 7,5 km de Fórum Internacional de Tóquio.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 95 quartos com geladeiras. O acesso de cortesia à int...

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Quarto solteiro básico, para não fumantes

Máx. 1 adulto e 1 criança


Quarto casal econômico, para não fumantes

Máx. 2 adultos e 1 criança


Quarto casal econômico, para fumantes

Máx. 2 adultos e 1 criança


Quarto solteiro básico, para fumantes

Máx. 1 adulto e 1 criança

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Com ótima localização em Tóquio, Toyoko Inn Tokyo Uguisudani Ekimae fica a 3,6 km de Tokyo Sky Tree e a 4,7 km de Tokyo Dome. Este hotel fica a 6,7 km de Nippon Budokan e a 7,5 km de Fórum Internacional de Tóquio.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 95 quartos com geladeiras. O acesso de cortesia à internet com e sem fio mantém você conectado, e a filmes pagos garante sua diversão. Banheiro privativo com chuveiro/banheira combinados apresenta produtos de toalete de cortesia e chinelos. As comodidades incluem cofres e jornais de cortesia. Além disso, o serviço de arrumação nos quartos é fornecido ...

1-2-17, Negishi Taito-ku - Tokyo, Tokyo - Japão - 110-0003

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Entrada a partir de: 16:00

Saída até: 10:00

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Stayed for a day

Avaliou em 18 de abril de 2019

this hotel was a short stayover before i went to Osaka the next day as i arrived in Tokyo at 3pm.. the location is ideal as i can take the Narita Express and then change another train to Uguisudani Station.. it is 1 stop away from Ueno Station, thus getting to Ueno Park for sakura viewing is simple.. the hotel is 5 mins walk away and there are plenty of food choices around the hotel itself.. the hotel room is small as per all other Tokyo hotels but since it was only for 1 night, it was just sufficient for my wife and I.. we didn't open all our luggage so it was not very cramped.. they have shavers and toothbrush available at the front desk, so it will be good to collect when you checked in.. breakfast is onigiri, some miso soup and rice.. drinks are coffee and tea.. don't expect buffet style, this is a simple hotel.. the only problem i had was it was a smoking room.. so it took a while before the lingering smoke smell went away.. had to turn on the aircon and open the window a little to get rid of the smoke smell..



Avaliou em 6 de dezembro de 2017

This is the third time this year I have stayed here, for a total of about ten days. Among the things I like about it is the convenient location a five minute walk from Uguisudani Station (you can see the top of the hotel from there if you know where to look), with Nippori Station one stop to the north and Ueno Station one stop to the south. Both of them are served by Keisei Skyliner from Narita Airport, then a quick ride on the JR Yamanote Line to Uguisudani. Getting here via Narita Express would take much longer, transferring at Tokyo Station to the JR Yamanote Line. (The JR Yamanote Line is the one that encircles the city so many of the prime destinations such as Shibuya, Ginza, Shinjuku, etc., are stops.) Around the hotel are lots of neighborhood-type restaurants, and an inexpensive supermarket is just a few doors north. The rooms are small, as the other reviewers say, but the price is right and it includes breakfast. The staff is pleasant and helpful, with special thanks to Takada-san serving breakfast who is so cheerful and does her job so well. The breakfast consists of triangular rice balls of three varieties, miso soup, a macaroni salad, meatballs or tiny wieners, a stir fry, various Japanese pickles, bread, and coffee/tea. The salad, meat, and stir fry vary from day to day. We plan to return to this hotel next year because although the rooms are small there is nothing wrong with them, and the price and location are great.


Yet another Toyoko Inn, but smaller than the others I've stayed in

Avaliou em 25 de abril de 2017

I have nothing against the Toyoko Inn chain, and stayed in them almost exclusively during my time in Japan. It's just that this one had the smallest room I've ever stayed in. Normally I can leave my luggage not, but not this time - I had to slide it under the bed simply to get from the bed to the bathroom. It was pretty much a matter of putting something away to get something else out. A bit frustrating at first, but once you get a routine sorted you're OK. No complaints about the breakfast - it was the usual Toyoko offering of miso soup, rice cakes, pickled vegetables, sausages or meatballs (depending on the day) and salads, with tea and coffee to drink. It's nothing to write home about, but gives you a good start to a day's walking and exploring. The only real downside is the location - there are some dodgy looking bars and a large number of 'love hotels' in the streets behind the hotel (towards the train station). I never had any issues, but a friend of a friend accepted a street hawker's offer of "cheap beer" and ended up being dosed with Rohypnol and having his credit cards stolen. So be aware of what's around you, don't accept offers that sound too good to be true, and you should be OK. Aside from that, there are good restaurants around, and I had some excellent food from a little BBQ type place at the bottom of the stairs where the road goes over the trainlines (towards Ueno Park and the south exit of the Uguisudani station). You can't miss it after dark. Speaking of the trains, the hotel is on the Yamanote line, so it's a breeze to get to places such as Shinjuku, Tokyo Central, Akihabara, etc.


Same old comfort but tinier

Avaliou em 13 de agosto de 2015

I have a membership with Toyoko Inn and have frequented their chain of hotels nearly every time I have come back as a tourist. This is my first stay at the Uguisudani branch. Firstly, I must admit I have sort of braced myself by reading other reviews prior to coming. Still, when I turned up, I was surprised how inefficient they used the space. Let me just clarify - This hotel and the room I stayed in isn't very much smaller than most of the previous Toyoko Inn rooms I have stayed in. In fact, it's probably the same size. However, their poor space planning lead to inefficient and uncomfortable use of space. opening my luggage is a minor chore and, if you're the clumsy sort when you wake up, you are likely to trip over your bed to the bath room. Secondly, it's summer and it certainly doesn't help the situation here. At times throughout the day the lift inside the building and the corridor space just outside my room is hotter than the air outside the building!!! Also, considering that this hotel is almost the same size as the other Toyoko Inn chain here in Tokyo, I am baffled as to why there is only ONE washing machine and ONE dryer! However, once I got myself settled in and kept to a routine of keeping things very neat and simple, It's really the same old comfortable hotel in a very interesting neighbourhood. It is right next to the train station, for starters, so it's great. However, due to the need to use a set of stairs, this is not very accessible friendly. It's about a 5mins walk to the train station, bypassing a konbini. very very convenient. what makes this an even more convenient space is that it is surrounded by food places. just downstairs, there's an udon shop, a ramen shop, a "western" cafe and other variety of noodle shops. At night, when the seedier side of town awakes (lots of love hotels here), the Izakaya (local idea of pubs) opens, giving you more variety of food - which i think is awesome for a traveller who might be very jetlagged for a few days. There's even a game store here that opens till 2am! Still love their free breakfasts and very friendly staffs. :)



Avaliou em 8 de julho de 2015

Very small rooms, however they were clean and cheap. The smallness of the rooms is mostly due to it being situated in the cramped city of Tokyo where buildings can be thin, but long. There were a couple of loud guests in other rooms, but otherwise okay. The staff were very nice and helpful.