Palace Suite

Em Trieste (na área de Centro da cidade de Trieste), Palace Suite fica a apenas 5 minutos de caminhada de Teatro Romano e de Piazza della Borsa. Este hotel de 4 estrelas fica a 0,7 km de Catedral de San Giusto e 0,8 km de Castelo de San Giusto.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 16 quartos com ar-cond...

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Suíte clássica

1 cama King e 1 sofá-cama casal

50 metros quadrados

Internet: Wi-Fi grátis


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Política de Cancelamento

Comodidades do quarto:

Máx 3 adultos

Máx 2 crianças

Reserva imediata


Suíte família

1 cama King, 1 sofá-cama casal e 2 camas de solteiro

Quarto com 80 metros quadrados e vista para a cidade


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Política de Cancelamento

Comodidades do quarto:

Máx 5 adultos

Máx 4 crianças

Reserva imediata


Suíte estúdio

1 cama King

35 metros quadrados

Internet: Wi-Fi grátis

Entretenimento: TV de tela...

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Política de Cancelamento

Comodidades do quarto:

Máx 2 adultos

Máx 1 criança

Reserva imediata

Informações do estabelecimento

Entrada a partir de: 14:00

Saída até: 12:00

Em Trieste (na área de Centro da cidade de Trieste), Palace Suite fica a apenas 5 minutos de caminhada de Teatro Romano e de Piazza della Borsa. Este hotel de 4 estrelas fica a 0,7 km de Catedral de San Giusto e 0,8 km de Castelo de San Giusto.Sinta-se em casa em um de nossos 16 quartos com ar-condicionado que apresentam cozinhas com geladeiras e cooktops. As TVs de tela plana 38 polegadas com programas via satélite garantem sua diversão e o Wi-Fi de cortesia mantém você conectado. As comodidades incluem telefones, além de cofres e escrivaninhas.Experimente as deliciosas opções de almoço ou j...

Via San Nicolò 34-36 / Via Dante 6a - Trieste, TS - Itália - 34121

Comodidades do estabelecimento

Entrada a partir de: 14:00

Saída até: 12:00

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Absolutely wonderful hotel

Avaliou em 6 de julho de 2022

Just 2 days here, such a wonderful, quietly elegant yet unpretentious and welcoming hotel in a lovely peaceful location away from the crowds and still in walking distance of everywhere we wanted to visit. The room was gorgeous, overlooking the pretty garden. The service was excellent and friendly. Just wish we were staying longer! Would definitely recommend.


Everything Was Perfect, Till It Wasn't

Avaliou em 30 de junho de 2022

I truly wanted to give this property a 100% rating of excellence for its beauty, location, history, cleanliness and staff. Unfortunately for all the wonderful, lovely amenities and people that work here, it only takes one person to ruin it and they surely did. First, let me preface by saying, I am frequent traveler and also happen to be American. I have traveled enough to understand how the world works in regard to dealing with new places and finding your way in a foreign country. As someone who had been employed in the travel industry for over twenty years until recently. I have dealt with customers from around the world, I can appreciate our differences and find our common grounds, especially in regard to hospitality. I try my very best to assimilate and learn when visiting a new culture/country and embrace it whole heartedly. I am also a published a free-lance writer who has written about some of my travels. So, to be dismissed, humiliated and bullied by someone on your restaurant staff who clearly does not care for Americans, ruined my stay. I do take some comfort as the other waiters stood by, feeling sorry for me after this incident, one came over with tears in his eyes as if to say, " I am so sorry for this." I sat down by myself along with other guests on the second morning of our stay and was approached by a restaurant staff gentleman, wearing a jacket. I am going to assume the manager. I asked for a cappuccino and an orange juice as I saw others drinking them. His English was very good and when I asked for a cappuccino and an orange juice he said, "No" you can have one or the other, saying very adamantly, not both. I opened the menu and saw latte, which I know is steamed milk, so I ordered a latte, then corrected myself and asked for a cafe latte instead but told him I wasn't sure what I wanted to eat yet. I was told," No" again, that I must order everything or nothing. I have never encountered this insistence at a restaurant before. He was loud enough that others looked towards my table, listening to what he said to me. I observed by the others around me, that I was the only American dining there at that time. I hurriedly ordered an egg white omelet with tomatoes as he stood there. Although I would have appreciated more time to order, I did not want to cause an issue, I just wanted to have my cafe, but I did not argue or protest. He was speaking loud enough for others dining, when this transpired, that they glanced over, and I became even more uncomfortable. A few minutes later a hot glass of milk was placed before me by another waiter. I asked him what is this? He said Latte, I explained I asked for a cafe latte, and manager returned telling me that is what I ordered. I told him, I asked originally for a cappuccino, then changed it to a latte, then corrected myself and said no I would like a cafe latte. He turned around and left and came back with a cup of espresso which he poured into the hot glass. I tried to lift it but it was so hot I could not grasp it. I asked, is there a reason I cannot have it in a cup like everyone else here? He seemed to make a point to again draw attention of others speaking loudly to me, as other patrons looked and said we put the cafe in the latte. I said I would prefer to have it in a cup, not a boiling hot glass. I also then stated that I wanted an orange juice which everyone else seated around me has and you said I could not. He said, " I never said you could not have an orange juice." I said, " You said, I could have a cappuccino or an orange juice not both." He got close to my face and said if you want an orange juice (now completely changing his story) I will get you an orange juice, loudly. He was in my personal space, I said, "Clearly you have an issue with Americans, I have been polite, I corrected myself from latte to cafe latte, you refused me an orange juice and rushed me to order everything at once, and you spoke abruptly to me from the moment I sat down. You have made every effort to treat me poorly and now you're denying what you said. Your English is good, you know exactly what you said. He again got in my face and said if you want an orange juice, I will bring you one. I then told him to get out of my face and personal space. He finally stepped away and I called the other waiter (who was watching everything that happened and was emotional knowing he could not say anything over his boss) over who could see I too was on the verge of tears. I asked for the check, he said there was no charge as he knew we were staying there. I got up and left. I went back to my room and cried; my husband wanted to go to the manager of the hotel as did I. I chose not to as we were meeting with our family in Trieste, who live there and did not want them to know how badly I was treated by this restaurant manager, not wanting to upset them. It is unlike me to not stand up for myself in a situation such as this. I did not want to make a scene for the beginning of what was a beautiful vacation in Europe. We visited two other countries and despite not speaking Slovenian, Croatian or Italian (we spent some time in a few other Italian cities) our trip was perfect, and everyone was kind, welcoming and friendly. Your front desk, housekeeping and other waitstaff were all very nice. In the bigger scheme of the problems of the world this is nothing. However, going out of your way to diminish, and get in someone's personal space is never acceptable. I would also like to share for the rest of our stay we never went to the restaurant, choosing to pay for our morning cafe and breakfast out of pocket even though it was included. On our last day I was walking past hotel right before checking out, and there he was standing in the doorway of the restaurant, he looked right at me and I did call him a name, which did make me feel better. Again, I understand in the bigger scheme of life, someone was rude get over it, but he was intimidating, and for someone to get in my space like that, is more than an annoyance. Gracia , thank you for letting me share


good place to stay

Avaliou em 20 de dezembro de 2021

the residence is very good in an old historic palace in the center of Trieste. The only problem is the absence of parking. It is even difficult the doenload of baggages nearby. The reserved places are always taken by abusive cars.


Exactly where you need to be..

Avaliou em 7 de dezembro de 2019

Situated in the city centre, but at the same time quiet. We went there for a 2-day business meeting and used the conference rooms, shown in the picture. The kind personnel of Continentale Hotel, tended to our needs at all times, since it is somewhat of the same property, with Palace Suites, offering apartment residency, for a more independent stay.


I wishI could of spent a week at the Hotel and in Trieste

Avaliou em 25 de setembro de 2019

The Palace Hotel is great, just perfect to catch your breath, but its location lends to having the city at your feet.... literally. You can walk anywhere. The staff was great and attentive. So helpful with parking our car and just in general. I am going to come back to Trieste and spend a week there, just taking it all in. Thank you so much!