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Localização Do Estabelecimento Com uma estadia Aroma Tulum, ficará numa localização central em Tulum, a 15 minutos de carro de Playa de Tulum e de Dos Aguas Park. Este hotel está a 8 km (4,9 mi) de Ruínas Maias de Tulum e a 7 km (4,3 mi) de Playa Paraiso. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha...

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

Localização Do Estabelecimento Com uma estadia Aroma Tulum, ficará numa localização central em Tulum, a 15 minutos de carro de Playa de Tulum e de Dos Aguas Park. Este hotel está a 8 km (4,9 mi) de Ruínas Maias de Tulum e a 7 km (4,3 mi) de Playa Paraiso. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. - Dos Aguas Park - 0,8 km/0,5 mi - Cenote Calavera - 2,9 km/1,8 mi - Parque Nacional de Tulum - 2,9 km/1,8 mi - Cenote Crystal - 3,4 km/2,1 mi - Playa Ruinas - 4,8 km/3 mi - Gran Cenote - 5,5 km/3,4 mi - Playa de Tulum - 5,7 km/3,5 mi - SFER IK - 5,8 km/3,6 mi - Playa ...

Calle Mercurio Poniente 21, Colonia Centro, 77780, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico - Tulum, Quintana Roo - México - 77780

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

Saída até: 11:00

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Just excellent!

Avaliou em 20 de dezembro de 2022

The Aroma Tulum is a great, quiet getaway! The stylish rooms, the lovely rooftop patio and the pool area are all very well taken care of, but best of all is the excellent staff!! Everything from the more than helpful reception, the thorough room service, to the delicious breakfast, the bar and burritos restaurant is wonderfully done! Thank you!

Laura S

Good value for money, super friendly staff!

Avaliou em 11 de agosto de 2022

We stayed at Aroma for 3 days as part of our honeymoon. It is a lovely, quiet, cheap hotel & the staff are super friendly although they don't speak much English so communication is difficult unless you speak Spanish. The food is great, including the free breakfast & the drinks are good & cheap! The rooms ARE dark, but it is part of the vibe! It is an excellent hotel for the price. You can hire bikes to go to the beach - takes about 15-20 minutes. The bikes aren't the best quality but they work just fine. Be warned that taxis here are crazy expensive so if you plan on going to the beach hotels/restaurants at night then you will be paying about £25-40 (it varies drastically!) each way! so if you're looking to be near the beach then this hotel is not for you. It is in downtown Tulum which is cool & has great cafes/bars/restaurants & the bike hire makes visiting the beach during the day easy & cheap however I would not recommend using them at night as they have no lights. The staff are super friendly & I bought a bottle of tequila for my 30th birthday & they all had shots with me. The only negative we have is that we were not told about the gate locking at 10pm & the key for it, so when we arrived back late one night from a restaurant we had to whatsapp them for the code as we didn't know there was a key to take. I think they just forgot to mention this. The taxi/transfer company that the hotel arranged for us from the airport was super great & communication was fab - we are using them again to travel to our next destination. All in all would recommend for a chill downtown Tulum cheap & instagram-able experience!


Great experience! Would recommend for your visit to Tulum!

Avaliou em 15 de maio de 2022

My friend and I just stayed at Aroma and we had an amazing experience! The location of the hotel is perfect for anyone wanting to get a little of everything that Tulum has to offer. It is bike-able to pretty much everything you could want like cenotes, the beach and the centro strip. It was a huge plus that they had bikes for rent in the main entrance! The staff was incredible and so friendly. They were quick to get us anything we asked for and even just to provide helpful information and recommendations for things to do/places to go. The free breakfast was delicious and just the right amount of food and the burritos are a must try for lunch/dinner. We really enjoyed that it is a smaller building because it stayed quiet and felt a lot more cozy and personable. The rooms were a bit dark with all of the black but still very comfortable and matched the vibe of the whole place! We would definitely recommend staying here and hope to be back again someday!


Used to be exceptional, now… 😒

Avaliou em 31 de janeiro de 2022

We came here 2 years ago, just before the Pandemic hits, and we had a blast ! Great functional room, nice breakfast, great service, and they had some great bike we could use for free! 2 years after - what a change, but in a bad way. The warm welcoming was gone, the room look extremely run down (furnitures, probably something to sit on, was missing… and instead 2 huges plants pots were there, empty but a bit dirty inside…see picture), and the whole place look tired… The place is made of concrete and there is literally pieces missing on the floor and the walls… (see picture). I could mention so many other things, like the Pool, in which I wouldn’t dare to soak my toes (see picture… it’s written on the sign P__L only, 2 letters are missing… who care 😂), but I’ll stop there, the list is too long. We asked the first days to reserve bike for the day after - the lady said “first come first served”. The next morning we ask for bikes - they were all gone and the other front desk clerk said :”you should have reserved yesterday !” What ?!? Anyway we rented bikes that day and reserved the hotel one for the day after. The morning after, they had the bikes for us… but what happen to them in 2 years ?!? First time we came they were going well, now, every part are shaking, there is rust everywhere (so much you cannot adjust the bench anymore it is stuck there), the mechanism is ruff and the break are slack (see picture!) - we didn’t used them and rented bikes again ! To finish it all, the first morning, I made myself a coffee with the nespresso coffee machine there - which was working fine (I also have a Nespresso machine home since at least 7 years). When I came back, they told me : your Nespresso Machine is broken 🤔 I asked :”What happen, it was working fine this morning”… They said “yours to tell us!” I didn’t broke it, and if I would have, I would have told them ! They wanted me to pay for the replacement of it - I felt they really tried to do extortion on me ! Could this broken machine come from an other room ? Could it be the made ? Howcome they k ew before me that it was broken ? I don’t know, the only thing I know it’s I didn’t break it (they are quite solid in top of that) and they try to trick me. After a harsh discussion, they finally accept to gave me my deposit back (minus the room charge, on which there was of course overcharges…), but for the first time in my life I don’t trust an hotel and I’ll make sur the amount is refunded in my bank account… On the good side : the breakfast and the lady serving it was nice, and the interior court is still cute. All this to say : Tulum is a little paradise full of great, design, affordable and fun hotel, don’t bother to come here anymore - they dont bother to maintain the place well or to give you a nice experience anyway…


Great place to stay for the price everything was excellent they were on time with thing. they answer every question.

Avaliou em 21 de novembro de 2021

The experience was excellent. The hosts was nice. The food was good. They let us ride that bicycle, my husband love it. The room service was great. The security was nice.The host gave us Cheaper price for adventure. Me and my husband had so much fun. I will recommend this place.

Keepingupwith J