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Localização Do Estabelecimento Com uma estadia Hotel Villa Mexicana em Zihuatanejo (Playa La Ropa), ficará a alguns passos de Praia de La Ropa e de Baía de Zihuatanejo. Este hotel de praia está a 10,3 km (6,4 mi) de Praia de El Palmar e a 15,7 km (9,8 mi) de Playa Blanca. As distâncias são apresen...

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<h3>Localização Do Estabelecimento</h3> Com uma estadia Hotel Villa Mexicana em Zihuatanejo (Playa La Ropa), ficará a alguns passos de Praia de La Ropa e de Baía de Zihuatanejo. Este hotel de praia está a 10,3 km (6,4 mi) de Praia de El Palmar e a 15,7 km (9,8 mi) de Playa Blanca. As distâncias são apresentadas à 0,1 milha e ao quilómetro mais próximo. <br> - Baía de Zihuatanejo - 0,1 km/0,1 mi<br> - Praia de La Ropa - 0,1 km/0,1 mi<br> - Praia de La Madera - 1,3 km/0,8 mi<br> - Nossa Senhora da Árvore - 1,5 km/0,9 mi<br> - Plaza Kioto - 1,8 km/1,1 mi<br> - Recife do Rei - 2,1 km/1,3 mi<br> ...

Playa la ropa s/n, Playa la Ropa, 40880 Zihuatanejo, Gro., Mexico - Zihuatanejo, Guerrero - México - 40880

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Entrada a partir de: 15:00

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Pros and cons

Avaliou em 20 de maio de 2022

Pros- Clean rooms, quiet as the ocean blocks out noises. We would stay again. Staff keep the outside well groomed. They were all very friendly. Cons. Booked this hotel in early March on their website for May. I called in April directly to the hotel to confirm as the website said you will not get an email. Reservations said your card was declined which is not possible which I told her that she said "you cancelled your reservation"- I did not. Rebooked again at $30 higher a night which was frustrating, she confirmed a ground floor king and an email would be sent but nothing came. On arrival the driveway entrance was blocked by a chain, our taxi driver honked for the young man sitting outside on his cell and he just looked at us. 2 people in the office did the same. We got out of the cab on the street and our driver put one suitcase over the chain and he undid it so we pulled our other two bags onto property with 3 staff just watching. There were no apologies and the driver had to drive in and back out as a chain was still across the exit. We went to check in and lo and behold no ground floor room and the price had gone up again. Asked to talk to manager and of course not one available. Took 2 complaints for front desk to send some up to clear the shower drain, ankle deep. The restaurant food was not the best but Las Adelitas, a short walk across the street from Jungle pizza. Both are two of our favorite places to eat. We tried one sip of a pina colada and that was just about the worst sugar filled cool-aid I've ever had. We paid and left. Doesn't the management understand if you have good food and drinks vacationers will stay at the hotel and spend their money, especially with being right on the beach.

Iona c

VM, I missed you!

Avaliou em 26 de março de 2022

Returned to VM after missing last year. Like many others we have been coming for years but this year we stayed for 2 glorious was heaven. Staff are so welcoming and gracious. Room and grounds were immaculate. Food at the hotel and local restaurants was tasty and reasonably priced and served attractively and fresh. Live music was fun. Moon and stars were glorious. Fellow guests were delightful and interesting. Water was perfect temp and mostly calm. Beach clean, more Beach biting bugs in the evening. Next year 3 weeks!


Amazing Location Right On Gorgeous Beach

Avaliou em 28 de fevereiro de 2022

The most important thing for me on a holiday is to be on a beach where I can swim in the sea. I don't know how Zihuatanejo is not better known in the world, as in particular Playa La Ropa is one of the most stunning locations I have ever visited. The beach is perfect but it is how it is set in a bay with spectacular scenery all around that really makes it. This hotel is right on the beach, with a nice pool and beachside area and restaurant. One night we even had a huge turtle wander up and make a nest against the wall of the restaurant. For a reasonably-priced hotel, the rooms are spacious, with a large shower, and the beds are prefect for me as they appear to made of solid concrete. Some people have complained about the WiFi. I admit I lost connection occasionally but then it was possible to connect to what I assume it the WiFi for the conference part. In any case, this place is Paradise and it's nice to switch off from the outside world. Staff for the most part were pretty quiet but friendly when you spoke to them. This is very much a place where older Americans, younger couples without kids, and families come, and many of them seem to be regulars. Staff seem to be more friendly with them but that's only to be expected and when I got talking to some regulars, staff were a lot friendlier with me (not that they were unfriendly before). I have seen it said that this part of Zihuatanejo is quiet and that there are not many options for food etc. Firstly, the quiet part is a good thing for a relaxing holiday and there are other restaurants along the beach. Paty's next door is great for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with really friendly staff and all manner of water activities to book. The hotel restaurant however is amazing and the food some of the best I have ever had. One of the beef dishes with fried plantains was especially noteworthy.


Restaurant was easy the worst on this continent I have ever visited.

Avaliou em 21 de fevereiro de 2022

To be clear we didn’t stay in the hotel we only ate in the restaurant. We walked past on the beach and the sign suggests it is fine Mexican cuisine. The food was almost as bad as the service. First we were given one evening menu and one breakfast menu. Didn’t even ask for a drinks order. After fifteen minutes had to summon the waiter for our order and only ordered two fish mains. No drinks after another fifteen minutes so had to ask (went and got our own water in the meantime). After half an hour we enquired when was our food coming only to be told it was on its way. After another fifteen minutes and the threat of paying for our drinks and walking out the food appeared. When it came it was at best underwhelming. For us it is always disappointing when you you give an establishment numerous opportunities to redeem themselves but they don’t or can’t be bothered. Sadly in our case it was both.


Fantastic hotel right on the beach

Avaliou em 14 de fevereiro de 2022

Hotel Villa Mexicana is right on beautiful Playa La Ropa. It has a swimming pool that is also at beach level and it is not often used and was open until about 9pm. I booked one of the cheaper rooms, but was able to switch to an ocean-front room for a little more money. It was a great place to stay. I will say that you won't have a ton of privacy here because the rooms are in a fairly compact area. Next door to the hotel is the Thomson hotel, which is a lot more expensive, though you would get a lot more privacy since the hotel and beach loungers are very spread out- probably good for a honeymoon. But Villa Mexicana was perfect for me.